søndag den 29. maj 2011

J-action on your brain O.o x3

I'm watching WAY to many live-action Japanese drama series at the moment x3

I mean I get this WIERD feeling every time I see a hot Japanese guy (and them is there A LOT of in the serie I'm watching)

Just take a guy as Yamapi... Just LOOK at those lips x3 They are just kissable x3 His hair is soooo good looking with that a bit wavy a bit messy but in a totally 'I've not spend a long time on my hair but it still looks that way' - way ^^ hehe... And his eyes, even through A lot a saying that they can't see any emotions in them I can see a lot.. and then... his body... his body is a whole level for it selfs x3 His body is... okay enough said about him already..  x3

Yamamoto Yusuke was my first "crush" on a japanese actor, but I later heard that he had a girl friend, but I still think he is WAY to hot ^.^
He also had some lips that are just perfect, his hair is in the same half messy way as Yamapi, and.. Wow his girlsfriend is lucky ^^'' And I wish them EVERY lucky and happiness in this world ^^ I want them to be happy and have A lot of beautiful children x3

I don't want to forget about him ^^ 
Matsumoto Jun - He is also something special.. ^^ I can't even begin to descripe him.. he is just WAY to cute ^^ (KAWAII x3)

I've seen him in Hana Yori Dango and Kimi wa petto, and I just resently started them both again (maybe I shouldn't had) - And I'm head over heals in love with him again x3

Yeah I know these are just actors, and not EVERY japanese man looks this way (YES I know >.<) but there is just something about Japanese hot lookin' males that.... Well...

Is here some one who is surpriced when I said I want to meet a Christian Japanese man and Marry him ^u^

Okay enough Said already... I have to go for tonight... x3

C Ya
- XoXo

søndag den 15. maj 2011

Pic havy x3


So I found all of these picture in my phone and thought that if would be easier to just post them and tell about them shortly than making a long post with a lot of talk and then some picture so enjoy the picture x3

 So this is my summer dress... Or the first part of it x3 I'm making it at my moms place, so it is not that often I can do something about it right know... And Yes I'll post a photo when I'm done with it ^^
 My mom make some REALLY good food ^ ^ this was a kind of noodles, some chiken and some veggi that tasted SOO good, and was fun eating with the chopsticks ^^
 My new glass ^p^ I just looove Stawberry (Ichigo x3 =^.^=)
I got six of these, but they are also at my mom's place
- I want to get my own place!!! x3

 Isn't it Big O.O I was so surpriced, when I got this.. But I couldn't finish, so I gave it to my brother how mostly finished it, and when I came a week later (this weekend) I could get some of the rest x3
The bottle is a Japanese soft drink I got when I was to the "Sakura Festival" last weekend ^^ It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of (beautiful) people ^.^

I tried something new with my hair x3 Do it suit me?? 
 I want my hair to grow faster!! I want it to be longer ^.^

It was raining so the sky was almost full of dark clouds and then there was this Bright blue spot ^^
Soooo beautiful ^o^
I'm becoming a BIG fan of the sky ^__^

 Today I went to church, and this is my hair, make-up and nails ^.^ The nails is with "crack-effect" kind of fun to try, but I don't have a top coath so I having glitter on top x3
I haven't tryed this hairstyle since I got my hair cut and dyed because I didn't know if I could do it anymore because my hair is now layered and then shortere x3 so the braid didn't become so long as before x3

This was a bit of what I did last weekend the weekend and so on... I'll try to be better to take more pictures and upload more ^.^ (haven't I said that before x3) Oh well x3
C Ya
- Xoxo