torsdag den 7. juli 2011

Even more lazyness O.o

Yay for lazyness - or something like that x3
Well, I don't know what happened since I haven't been uploading for a SERIOUS long periode of time... Even through I had promised myself that I wanted to be better to update >.<

Oh well my life isn't that cool, some of it is fun but...
Okay I've been in Wales (YAY for me ^_^) and it was the most AMAZING thing I've ever tried (okay Kenya and the faroe islands was also just as cool ^o^) and I want to go back again x3

I've never been there before, I've even not ever been in England so that in it self was pretty cool ^^
I was driving over there with to of my friends, and it was a loooong ride o.o
We started at just before 7am - and was at the place we were going to stay at 4 am in the night/morning O.o it should only had taken us around 17 hours but because of working on the highway down through Germany we were pretty delaid -.-

In our last day, we had this idea about going to London and spend a couple of hours before going to the airport - but we missed our bus and needed to wait from 07.30 - 09.45 because there wasn't another bus we could afford o.o so we ended up spending the time at McD in Newport and then just behind the busstop we found this lake thing where we could enjoy the sun and relax before going on a 3½ hour busdrive x3
 It was a long and hard day because we figured out that we could only spend a little under an hour in London - so we only had time to go out and eat some dinner ^^ Yay for fish'n'chips - I've never tried it before - or I thought so ... x3
- Because this I've tried before x3 it was good, but the chips I've gotten at the placed we stayed in Wales was SO much better x3

So after my amazing "holiday" I've spend some days at home because I was pretty tired, (I was going home flying but we were driving all day o.o) and after said bye to my mom (who is in switz in a week) I have been at my dad's ^^
I LOVE being with my dad in good weather ^^ I love being outsite and enjoying the sun, and get a biit tan x3
Yesterday I went to my friend Angelina's place ^^ She's going to London for almost a month and we wanted to spend a bit time together before she tomorrow is leaving .... I'm gonna miss her ._. So I'm happy that I had these days with her ^.^ and just today because I was bored I wanted to try something new x3
 - So I bored my friends curling iron and started to curl my hair... It was in NO way pretty so I called at my friend and she came to my rescue ^^ Yay for best friends ^^

She and her boyfriend is going to have a biig all together b-day and I've bored a dress of her, and I want to do my hair in this way aswell ^^ If I can do it x3
- Oh and yes I've bought a new dress, some hair bows and a t-shirt where there is print saying 'OMG - I think I'm in love' soooo fun and just like me ^-^

- So I though that this would be a small and short update, but it ended up being a bit longer ^^ But Yay for me trying to be more active on this thingy ^.^

C Ya
- XoXo Emi