onsdag den 11. juli 2012

Gomen Gomen...

Soo it's REALLY long since I last updated, and I kind of forgot I had a blog ._. Sorry to those of you who followed me >.< Yeah shame on me -.-

Well I'm not sure I can update this any longer... I really want to, and I have enough in my life to fill this blog, but I'm just not that good to write about it >.<
I really like to write but yeah...
I'm sorry ._.

tirsdag den 10. januar 2012

New begining

So I promised my self that I wanted to make more posts in my blog and I REALLY want to do that, but I have NO idea what to blog about... >.<
But well ^^ The day before yesterday (or well Sunday) I needed to get my bike from the stationen, and at my way to the station I suddenly wanted an Iceblend from Baresso, so when I got my bike I took a little de-tour and found the only place I know about that's pretty close ^^

I didn't wanted to drink it all in the shop and it was cold so I got it with me, jumped on my bike again and hurried home ^^ at home my mom said that she had left a piece of the cake she had made the day before when her mom was on the visit.. it's a tiramizu cake (or how you spell it ^^)
so with that kombined I got a lot of coffee and a few minuts after I was bouncing around in my room ^^

Around last monday mom and I went to the shop where we found some fake nails... I've really wanted such a pair because I want to have long nails and mine attent to fail >.< so these nails was cheep and we bought some ^^ I tried them on and they looked pretty good ^^ and in no time I had adjusted to them and wasn't that afare of them... I actully thought they where really fun to wear, but all fun has to come to an end >.< the first one I lost was the ones on my thumbs.. They just hadn't wanted to stay at all >.< and I tried gluening them back on, but they just didn't wanted... So the next day I ended up going to school with long nails on everyone except the thumps, but not even after the first hour another one kind of flew off -.- and on my way home I lost another one... so I decided that I needed to take all of them off -.-
I want to put them on again but I'll need to use a new pair because the old glue is still on the nails and they don't want to attach that good anylonger >.<
A friend of mine told me I should use superglue, but then won't it make my own nails totally missarable -.- I don't want to ruin my own more that they already is x3

So that's a bit about my life again ^^

More to come ^^
C Ya 
- XoXo Emi

søndag den 8. januar 2012

Loong time no see ~

Oh my GOSH!!!

It's seriously embarrassing...
I haven't blogged for ages... and well I know why >.< Haven't been in the mood... because a lot's happening in my life, but I just though no one cared so why should I blog... O.o

Well even though there's still not a lot of people (try around no one.. x3) there are reading my blog, I'll try to update it regularly ^^

I got a new phone so more pictures will be taken ^^
Maybe that should be one of my goals for 2012, try to take more pictures and blog some more ^^

But hey that could be cool ^^