torsdag den 7. juli 2011

Even more lazyness O.o

Yay for lazyness - or something like that x3
Well, I don't know what happened since I haven't been uploading for a SERIOUS long periode of time... Even through I had promised myself that I wanted to be better to update >.<

Oh well my life isn't that cool, some of it is fun but...
Okay I've been in Wales (YAY for me ^_^) and it was the most AMAZING thing I've ever tried (okay Kenya and the faroe islands was also just as cool ^o^) and I want to go back again x3

I've never been there before, I've even not ever been in England so that in it self was pretty cool ^^
I was driving over there with to of my friends, and it was a loooong ride o.o
We started at just before 7am - and was at the place we were going to stay at 4 am in the night/morning O.o it should only had taken us around 17 hours but because of working on the highway down through Germany we were pretty delaid -.-

In our last day, we had this idea about going to London and spend a couple of hours before going to the airport - but we missed our bus and needed to wait from 07.30 - 09.45 because there wasn't another bus we could afford o.o so we ended up spending the time at McD in Newport and then just behind the busstop we found this lake thing where we could enjoy the sun and relax before going on a 3½ hour busdrive x3
 It was a long and hard day because we figured out that we could only spend a little under an hour in London - so we only had time to go out and eat some dinner ^^ Yay for fish'n'chips - I've never tried it before - or I thought so ... x3
- Because this I've tried before x3 it was good, but the chips I've gotten at the placed we stayed in Wales was SO much better x3

So after my amazing "holiday" I've spend some days at home because I was pretty tired, (I was going home flying but we were driving all day o.o) and after said bye to my mom (who is in switz in a week) I have been at my dad's ^^
I LOVE being with my dad in good weather ^^ I love being outsite and enjoying the sun, and get a biit tan x3
Yesterday I went to my friend Angelina's place ^^ She's going to London for almost a month and we wanted to spend a bit time together before she tomorrow is leaving .... I'm gonna miss her ._. So I'm happy that I had these days with her ^.^ and just today because I was bored I wanted to try something new x3
 - So I bored my friends curling iron and started to curl my hair... It was in NO way pretty so I called at my friend and she came to my rescue ^^ Yay for best friends ^^

She and her boyfriend is going to have a biig all together b-day and I've bored a dress of her, and I want to do my hair in this way aswell ^^ If I can do it x3
- Oh and yes I've bought a new dress, some hair bows and a t-shirt where there is print saying 'OMG - I think I'm in love' soooo fun and just like me ^-^

- So I though that this would be a small and short update, but it ended up being a bit longer ^^ But Yay for me trying to be more active on this thingy ^.^

C Ya
- XoXo Emi

lørdag den 4. juni 2011

Competing ^^

This hans been a long week, and I'm not done yet x3

I had though about updating about what I've done this week, but first I want to update about something else ^o^

I've just got this comment about a give away, I thought that I would like to compete x3

It's the pretty girl's J's little place of Girly Heaven,  give away ^^

I think the prices I SOO cool, and It's my first time trying to compete so I'm hoping I'm doing alright, and it the right way ^.^

Hope you ALL have a great weeken ^.^

- Emi

søndag den 29. maj 2011

J-action on your brain O.o x3

I'm watching WAY to many live-action Japanese drama series at the moment x3

I mean I get this WIERD feeling every time I see a hot Japanese guy (and them is there A LOT of in the serie I'm watching)

Just take a guy as Yamapi... Just LOOK at those lips x3 They are just kissable x3 His hair is soooo good looking with that a bit wavy a bit messy but in a totally 'I've not spend a long time on my hair but it still looks that way' - way ^^ hehe... And his eyes, even through A lot a saying that they can't see any emotions in them I can see a lot.. and then... his body... his body is a whole level for it selfs x3 His body is... okay enough said about him already..  x3

Yamamoto Yusuke was my first "crush" on a japanese actor, but I later heard that he had a girl friend, but I still think he is WAY to hot ^.^
He also had some lips that are just perfect, his hair is in the same half messy way as Yamapi, and.. Wow his girlsfriend is lucky ^^'' And I wish them EVERY lucky and happiness in this world ^^ I want them to be happy and have A lot of beautiful children x3

I don't want to forget about him ^^ 
Matsumoto Jun - He is also something special.. ^^ I can't even begin to descripe him.. he is just WAY to cute ^^ (KAWAII x3)

I've seen him in Hana Yori Dango and Kimi wa petto, and I just resently started them both again (maybe I shouldn't had) - And I'm head over heals in love with him again x3

Yeah I know these are just actors, and not EVERY japanese man looks this way (YES I know >.<) but there is just something about Japanese hot lookin' males that.... Well...

Is here some one who is surpriced when I said I want to meet a Christian Japanese man and Marry him ^u^

Okay enough Said already... I have to go for tonight... x3

C Ya
- XoXo

søndag den 15. maj 2011

Pic havy x3


So I found all of these picture in my phone and thought that if would be easier to just post them and tell about them shortly than making a long post with a lot of talk and then some picture so enjoy the picture x3

 So this is my summer dress... Or the first part of it x3 I'm making it at my moms place, so it is not that often I can do something about it right know... And Yes I'll post a photo when I'm done with it ^^
 My mom make some REALLY good food ^ ^ this was a kind of noodles, some chiken and some veggi that tasted SOO good, and was fun eating with the chopsticks ^^
 My new glass ^p^ I just looove Stawberry (Ichigo x3 =^.^=)
I got six of these, but they are also at my mom's place
- I want to get my own place!!! x3

 Isn't it Big O.O I was so surpriced, when I got this.. But I couldn't finish, so I gave it to my brother how mostly finished it, and when I came a week later (this weekend) I could get some of the rest x3
The bottle is a Japanese soft drink I got when I was to the "Sakura Festival" last weekend ^^ It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of (beautiful) people ^.^

I tried something new with my hair x3 Do it suit me?? 
 I want my hair to grow faster!! I want it to be longer ^.^

It was raining so the sky was almost full of dark clouds and then there was this Bright blue spot ^^
Soooo beautiful ^o^
I'm becoming a BIG fan of the sky ^__^

 Today I went to church, and this is my hair, make-up and nails ^.^ The nails is with "crack-effect" kind of fun to try, but I don't have a top coath so I having glitter on top x3
I haven't tryed this hairstyle since I got my hair cut and dyed because I didn't know if I could do it anymore because my hair is now layered and then shortere x3 so the braid didn't become so long as before x3

This was a bit of what I did last weekend the weekend and so on... I'll try to be better to take more pictures and upload more ^.^ (haven't I said that before x3) Oh well x3
C Ya
- Xoxo

lørdag den 30. april 2011

Yay for a new day ^^

Okay today I had really been planning to just relax and enjoy life at such a nice Saturday, but since I arrived at my girlfriend Angelina yesterday and since I chose to stay here then there was like some things I had to go through.
Angelina had planned to sew a summer dress (actually two plus something resembling gala) And I've gone and toyed with the idea to also sew a summer dress so that was out and buy fabric and pattern yesterday.
Today I got so drawn, cut, designed a little more, folded and cut, so now my dress actually ready for a walk through the sewing machine as I could get done next weekend at home with my mom ^ ^

(The substance is a bit more dark)
Because we wanted to go home to Angelina's grandparents and sew dress I thought that I probably had better be good, so I borrowed a SUPER delicious dress of my friend, and I felt really party ready, since I also had my super cool silver shoes and pink nail varnish ^ ^ Can the world be better?

- Nooo x3
When but now I will eat the remains of the pancakes as Angel did a few days ago, otherwise she will throw them out x3

  C Ya


tirsdag den 26. april 2011


This is like forever since I last posted >.< and it’s not because nothing happen in my life, because a lot DID happen O.o
Well first and foremost I moved... well Again o.o I’ve only been like six month in my old place but I needed to move, so know I’m with another family, but none kinds I’m watching after x3

Well, if I have to describe shortly what has happen these last weeks...

  I still go to school in Roskilde, and it is super (but I know live an hour away but I like going with train so it’s not that bad x3). I had borrowed an apartment which was just beside the school, with had a nice big mirror (so pictures of me on Sunday is on its way, which was the only day I actually took pictures of myself x3)

When I had finished the week in the apartment, I took one week at my dad’s place.
SUPER nice with a weather which is just became more and more beautiful ^.^
I spent a lot of time away in my father's garden, and got four roses which had to be planted, but first I had to clear the weeds, and also got some other plans which I think is tomatoes (I think I will update regularly) who came in a second pot and into the greenhouse, and because I cannot come and water the plants every day I write to my father to remind him of it x3 

Some pictures of his garden (not my flowers, I'll take some of them next time I'm at my dad's place^.^)

 I also got my hair dyed. It looks a bit funny because this is while it's still not washed out, and yes I know I have a lot of colour on my face - but I haven't shower ...
I also got a hair cut, but you can se that longer down ^.^

 This is my lovely cousins... He is SOOO adorable and lovely, and yes he IS half african.. His mom is from africa, and I just love him... He was running around in my dad's garden and shouting 'Onkel' (that's my dad) and 'Mi-Mia' that's me x3 it was fun and cute ^.^

('Forglem mig ej' - it's 'Never forget me' I love these flowers, and that's also because they are a part of my tatoo ^^)
Today I've also been to school, and afterwards I had a appointment with Angel, so I had to take the bus home to her (yes I am REALLY slow to take pictures >.< due to lack of charger for my camera and my mobile images
sucks>. <but will get better x3 and I’ll take picture with my phone anyway x3)
We agreed that we were grilling, so we therefore needed to go and buy the things we were in a need of, we were a bit busy because we needed to get down to those who had the grill lit so we could get some hot food x3
I also had grilled with my dad on Sundays so doubted by no means in my own abilities, but believe pictures speak better than my words x3

 Yes we had chips to our food x3 it was meant as an appititer but ended up on my plate a lot of times x3

 Yes I AM eading a peace of bread with chips on, and it was gooood x3

 Me as grill master x3 (grill lady x3)
 Angel wanted to try also, and I ended up getting burn x3

Well I'll be back soon again (I promise) but I have to do some homework x3

C Ya
- XoXo

lørdag den 12. marts 2011

To lazy...

Sorry!! (Gomen ._.)

It's been WAY to long since I last updated ._.
My life has just been a mess, and I've not been in a mood to update...
But bottom line I hope I'm a biig more back now, but I'm not totally sure x3

Hope all of you are good, and having fun...
My thoughs are going a lot towards Japan, and the whole of that area because of the eath qawke and tsunami.. Hope that ALL is alright (I know that not all are alright, but I hope that everything will be alright soon ._.)

But I'll just update a bit about my clothes, because I've still been taking pictures of myself and my style ^_^ so Here is it ^o^
Because my cable to my cam still are at my friends place I've taken these with my phone so they aren't so good as they used to be >_<

I got new "clothes" from my mom ^_^ I've been wanted to get a pair of "over-alls" / "jumpsuit" (I don't know what it is called) and now I got it ^o^ and I'm sooo happy ^__^
And Because I'm sooo happy about them, I've been wearing them a lot ^.^ (well two out of three days x3)
I want to try and make a match with my boots, but I don't know how, so if you have ANY idea comment me ^p^

But know I want to get back to my hair, I'm going to a form of 'Galla' in my church to day, so I want to look pretty, and just been in the shower at my dad's place x3 so

C Ya (ja-nee)
- XoXo

(wow - I have a looot of japanese words in my main when I'm writing english x3)

søndag den 27. februar 2011

Shining Sunday

I'm at home in Impact church.. I don't want to go to any other church.. This is the place where I feel home, but to be honest, I know that at some point in life I have to move and find a new church ._.
(Wow that is kind of sad T_T - I don't want to think about that right know x3)

So today is sunday and that means Church ^_^
My brother wrote to me last night and asked a bit about what happened in my church and so on (he had done this before so I knew where he was going ^-^)
Well I needed to say that I couldn't go with him Saturday to our dad's place because I had something to do sunday morning, but I would love if he could come and get me sunday morning, and that he did ^_^

I had sat my alarm-clock to five forty-five, to be sure I was in a good time, but I sleept right throug it, or sat it off in my sleep >_< so when I woke it was half past syven, and my brother was going to be here half past nine... I was in a hurry.... u_u
But I ended up doing all I needed to do and could sit down for ten minuts then he was here to pick me up ^_^
then we drove to Roskilde where my church is and this was a GOOOD meeting ^.^ God was SO powerful today (sorry I would love to explaine this more for you but you have to have experince this yourself to fully understand x3 - So.. GO TO CHURCH!! x3)

(yes my nail polish is soo bad because I haven't re-touched it, since I made it last saturday night and I've been cleaning this week xP)

So after church there was the cafe with lovely food ^_^ I got cake and a 'Wiener melang' (have no idea if I'm spelling this right - but it is a mix between coffee and choko ^_^)
after Church we went to our dad's place... ^-^ I have been wearing high heels the whole day so my feets where kind of tired at thi point, but we also needed to buy some food for dinner, and I needed to check my money and stuff like that and WOW was its cold out site.. I didn't wanted to wear my jacket so I only wore a Jersey (don't know if this is the right term >.<) but it was still cold, but it was fun ^^ I love driving with my brother in dad's car ^.^

We forgot some things so it ended up with we were driving to McDrive in and got some food from 'McDonals' ^-^ it was good, but I'm happy that I'm not eating this evey day x3 because I would put all the waight on I have lost (I have lost 10 kilos on under a 6 moths ^_^ - and what did I do?? Moved in a house :3 and I'm so happy ^.^)

Well I'll lay down since it's already 20.35 and I will  se some serie and then go to sleep ^_^

C Ya
- XoXo

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011


(Be aweare of Pic spam ^p^)
Today I went to school again ^^
I only sleept for around 4 hours so I was kind of tired on my way to school, but then I bought a 'Faxe Kondi' and when I got to school I woke a bit more up... Then I drank a Burn energy shot, and got kind over energy... It was really fun ^_^

After school I was going home to a friend... We had desided to make cupcakes but we needed to buy the last things so that we did ^_^ I still had waaaay to much energy... But it was fun..
I started to make some of the cupcakes, and I did a double potion - and there was a LOT o.o And then Storm remembered that she had forgotten to buy the molds >_< So we went out again.. We went to the store two times, and ended up eating sushi to dinner ^_^

We were watching Spirit away while we where eating, and it was so good~ (Oishi~) Lovely ^^ Just what I wanted, and It wasn't That exspensive ^p^
It went surpricely fast before it was all eaten :3 There was 14 pieces in it, and I got a bit Wasabi on one of them >.< But Storm got the one there had been laying in the wasabi and she didn't even have tears in her eyes O.O
So we did the dishes, and cleaned it all up ^_^  while we still are watching Spirit Away ^.^

Right know I'm waiting on Storm... It's her turn to make cupcakes ^u^  But she needs to do al kind of things before she has time to get to the kitchen x3 So I'll have to go and Poke her a bit more...

Oh yeah.. This was what I was wearing today ^^ Normally I'm more gal inspired but today I was more like fairy-kei (or something like that) 
I love to have my own style and do what I want to do with my clothes... I love to just mix and match my clothes as I like ^p^

Back to the poking ^.^

C Ya
- XoXo

mandag den 21. februar 2011

Different ^p^

Hey you guyes..
I'm soo sorry.. now there Again went like forever~ before I updated you... but nothing special actully where happening in my life.. Okay!! I can't lie, so that's soo not true x3

Well thist last week I'm been "off" - yes off from school, but on to work ^_^ I maneged to get the whole house done like more than I normally would do, so that was good, and I even got to spend one day with the Princess, where it was just her and me ^p^

And it was so much fun .. We did cupcakes in the morning, and we needed to make to portions...I had talked with her dad earliere and he said that one should be more than enough but when that was done I could see that we needed and extra potion (and I only got to eat three over three days - like one in eatch day :3)

We did one half of the first with chokolate, coconut and banana and the rest was with mandler (nuts) and rasins - they were all good, but I wanted to more of those with chokolate, but those have they eaten all off in her kindergarde :3
This picture was taken before the rest of the muffins were put in this, so there isn't that much, but the rest of them were pretty big x3

So today I went to school again today ^_^ we have had a week break and I longed for school, so it was good to be back ^p^
 This was what I was wearing ^p^ I kind of started to love my boots and my cardigan ^.^ and I'm almost wearing it as often as I can :3
Can you se anything different with me??



Come on!!...

I got my hair cut ^_^
My bangs really needed it, so it was good to get it done, but because my hair was in a high sideways ponytale yesterday there is a little part there is missing ... x3
Yesterday I also went to a friends place. It was so good to just relax at her place, and we did make a carrots cake :3 it was sooo good ^p^ but it is also because her b-day is tomorrow, so she also went to my school and was a part of the today three (four with her) students and she brought the cake ^_^ so that was lovely <3

Tomorrow I'm also going to visit a friend after school.. She lives close to school so I'll just need a little ride to the station and then I'm good ^.^  and we will make cupcakes x3 I hope they'll be as good as them I did with the Princess ^_^

So this was what I had to share with you today ^.^

C Ya
- XoXo