mandag den 21. februar 2011

Different ^p^

Hey you guyes..
I'm soo sorry.. now there Again went like forever~ before I updated you... but nothing special actully where happening in my life.. Okay!! I can't lie, so that's soo not true x3

Well thist last week I'm been "off" - yes off from school, but on to work ^_^ I maneged to get the whole house done like more than I normally would do, so that was good, and I even got to spend one day with the Princess, where it was just her and me ^p^

And it was so much fun .. We did cupcakes in the morning, and we needed to make to portions...I had talked with her dad earliere and he said that one should be more than enough but when that was done I could see that we needed and extra potion (and I only got to eat three over three days - like one in eatch day :3)

We did one half of the first with chokolate, coconut and banana and the rest was with mandler (nuts) and rasins - they were all good, but I wanted to more of those with chokolate, but those have they eaten all off in her kindergarde :3
This picture was taken before the rest of the muffins were put in this, so there isn't that much, but the rest of them were pretty big x3

So today I went to school again today ^_^ we have had a week break and I longed for school, so it was good to be back ^p^
 This was what I was wearing ^p^ I kind of started to love my boots and my cardigan ^.^ and I'm almost wearing it as often as I can :3
Can you se anything different with me??



Come on!!...

I got my hair cut ^_^
My bangs really needed it, so it was good to get it done, but because my hair was in a high sideways ponytale yesterday there is a little part there is missing ... x3
Yesterday I also went to a friends place. It was so good to just relax at her place, and we did make a carrots cake :3 it was sooo good ^p^ but it is also because her b-day is tomorrow, so she also went to my school and was a part of the today three (four with her) students and she brought the cake ^_^ so that was lovely <3

Tomorrow I'm also going to visit a friend after school.. She lives close to school so I'll just need a little ride to the station and then I'm good ^.^  and we will make cupcakes x3 I hope they'll be as good as them I did with the Princess ^_^

So this was what I had to share with you today ^.^

C Ya
- XoXo

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