søndag den 27. februar 2011

Shining Sunday

I'm at home in Impact church.. I don't want to go to any other church.. This is the place where I feel home, but to be honest, I know that at some point in life I have to move and find a new church ._.
(Wow that is kind of sad T_T - I don't want to think about that right know x3)

So today is sunday and that means Church ^_^
My brother wrote to me last night and asked a bit about what happened in my church and so on (he had done this before so I knew where he was going ^-^)
Well I needed to say that I couldn't go with him Saturday to our dad's place because I had something to do sunday morning, but I would love if he could come and get me sunday morning, and that he did ^_^

I had sat my alarm-clock to five forty-five, to be sure I was in a good time, but I sleept right throug it, or sat it off in my sleep >_< so when I woke it was half past syven, and my brother was going to be here half past nine... I was in a hurry.... u_u
But I ended up doing all I needed to do and could sit down for ten minuts then he was here to pick me up ^_^
then we drove to Roskilde where my church is and this was a GOOOD meeting ^.^ God was SO powerful today (sorry I would love to explaine this more for you but you have to have experince this yourself to fully understand x3 - So.. GO TO CHURCH!! x3)

(yes my nail polish is soo bad because I haven't re-touched it, since I made it last saturday night and I've been cleaning this week xP)

So after church there was the cafe with lovely food ^_^ I got cake and a 'Wiener melang' (have no idea if I'm spelling this right - but it is a mix between coffee and choko ^_^)
after Church we went to our dad's place... ^-^ I have been wearing high heels the whole day so my feets where kind of tired at thi point, but we also needed to buy some food for dinner, and I needed to check my money and stuff like that and WOW was its cold out site.. I didn't wanted to wear my jacket so I only wore a Jersey (don't know if this is the right term >.<) but it was still cold, but it was fun ^^ I love driving with my brother in dad's car ^.^

We forgot some things so it ended up with we were driving to McDrive in and got some food from 'McDonals' ^-^ it was good, but I'm happy that I'm not eating this evey day x3 because I would put all the waight on I have lost (I have lost 10 kilos on under a 6 moths ^_^ - and what did I do?? Moved in a house :3 and I'm so happy ^.^)

Well I'll lay down since it's already 20.35 and I will  se some serie and then go to sleep ^_^

C Ya
- XoXo

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