mandag den 14. februar 2011

Everyone is crazy sometimes..

Its too long ago since I last updated ... Sorry ._.
I've just been kind of bissue O.o - or kind of sick last week. It all began last sunday morning when I just was feeling so sick, I was shaking and my stomick hurts, but I knew that I needed to go to church, so I when, but then later that day I just got worse and worse, and ended up in my friends place shaking because I was freezing and then got a bit fever O.o that was NO fun >_<
Monday morning I though I was going to school, but half way there I got a call that there was no school, so I needed to go back home again.. I just used 1½ hour O.o so it was a far to Long way x.x
When I came home I heard that the family also had been a bit sick, so I ended in my bed and just listing to music and was watching a few live-aktion j-drama's ^^

 So I found this picture and I'm pretty sure this was wjhat I was wearing last sunday. So yes, you couldn't see on me to begin with that I was feeling sick.. I actully heard that I was pretty O.O but it's always good to heard that kind of things... even when you are sick and feel like poo ^_^ I don't have any pictures of my face x3

But maybe thats good ^x^

So on tuesday, I was going to school, still feeling a bit sick, so I didn't wanted to eat food, but I felt like I needed to, but on Wednesday I was feeling a lot better, and could actuly eat again ^_^ With out getting pain in my stomack, or nausea x3

And then begain my working week again x3
 This was how my favorite window in the house looked like on saturday ^_^
the sky was sooo beautiful blue, but I couldn't go outsite, because I needed to clean and after that I was feeling to tired, and it was getting dark and cold ._.

Saturday evning my brother asked me if there was anything special in my church... I told him about Ian Andrews because he was visiting, and then he asked to the band.. My brother looves our music, and knows half the band, so he said that he would ask dad if he could borrow the car, then he would come and get me, and we would drive home to dad, and then he would drive us to church the next day.... I was up to that.. Because I haven't seen my dad, and kind of missed him again, so I thought it was a good idea ^_^
So he came to get me and we drove to my dad.. or my brother did (Yes he IS my younger brother, and he got his lisince before me x3)
 On sunday I was wearing this.. ^_^
I was having my new year shoes on, so they were high and I haven't getting used to them, so this morning my feet was hurting x3

But it was a GOOD sunday... Because after church, and after lunch we went back to dad, baked a 'drømmekage' (don't know what's it's called in english) played cards and after the dinner, my brother went home... It was easier for me to sleep one more night, but that also ment that I needed to get up WAY to early to get home >_<

So now the time is almost 8, so I need to get started with the cleaning.. My school is on winter break, so I'm cleaning all this week ^p^

C Ya

- Emi

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