torsdag den 3. februar 2011


So, now it's the beginning of another working week... Or at least just two days or cleaning, if I get done tomorrow..
Well to be Honest.. I don’t think I’ll be done by tomorrow. I just can’t seem to get my spirit and body to work together, because my body are totally saying ‘No way! I don’t have the energy to this’ by my spirit knows that as soon as I’m done everything will be better...

So yesterday I was in my connect group and come on a party we had ^_^ It was Sooo fun and strong. The Holy Spirit was there and just worked in every one of us.
I got prayed for more than one time, and it was just so cool to see all the mirakels wonders and other great things ^_^

Before that I was at Marias place so she could help me with my story. I want to get it done this year.
I also went to school that day ^_^ it was a great teaching, and I got a lot from it again ^.^ and it’s kind of fun because my head is totally in English every day because all the teaching is in English x3

So this was what I wore, and my hair ^^
One of the students whom also is my youth pastor kind of caught me just after taking the face picture, and it was quite fun xP

Oh my break is almost over.. I need to get down stairs and continue with the cleaning.. I’m not nearly as done as I would have hoped for by now...

C Ya

- Emi

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