tirsdag den 22. februar 2011


(Be aweare of Pic spam ^p^)
Today I went to school again ^^
I only sleept for around 4 hours so I was kind of tired on my way to school, but then I bought a 'Faxe Kondi' and when I got to school I woke a bit more up... Then I drank a Burn energy shot, and got kind over energy... It was really fun ^_^

After school I was going home to a friend... We had desided to make cupcakes but we needed to buy the last things so that we did ^_^ I still had waaaay to much energy... But it was fun..
I started to make some of the cupcakes, and I did a double potion - and there was a LOT o.o And then Storm remembered that she had forgotten to buy the molds >_< So we went out again.. We went to the store two times, and ended up eating sushi to dinner ^_^

We were watching Spirit away while we where eating, and it was so good~ (Oishi~) Lovely ^^ Just what I wanted, and It wasn't That exspensive ^p^
It went surpricely fast before it was all eaten :3 There was 14 pieces in it, and I got a bit Wasabi on one of them >.< But Storm got the one there had been laying in the wasabi and she didn't even have tears in her eyes O.O
So we did the dishes, and cleaned it all up ^_^  while we still are watching Spirit Away ^.^

Right know I'm waiting on Storm... It's her turn to make cupcakes ^u^  But she needs to do al kind of things before she has time to get to the kitchen x3 So I'll have to go and Poke her a bit more...

Oh yeah.. This was what I was wearing today ^^ Normally I'm more gal inspired but today I was more like fairy-kei (or something like that) 
I love to have my own style and do what I want to do with my clothes... I love to just mix and match my clothes as I like ^p^

Back to the poking ^.^

C Ya
- XoXo

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