lørdag den 12. marts 2011

To lazy...

Sorry!! (Gomen ._.)

It's been WAY to long since I last updated ._.
My life has just been a mess, and I've not been in a mood to update...
But bottom line I hope I'm a biig more back now, but I'm not totally sure x3

Hope all of you are good, and having fun...
My thoughs are going a lot towards Japan, and the whole of that area because of the eath qawke and tsunami.. Hope that ALL is alright (I know that not all are alright, but I hope that everything will be alright soon ._.)

But I'll just update a bit about my clothes, because I've still been taking pictures of myself and my style ^_^ so Here is it ^o^
Because my cable to my cam still are at my friends place I've taken these with my phone so they aren't so good as they used to be >_<

I got new "clothes" from my mom ^_^ I've been wanted to get a pair of "over-alls" / "jumpsuit" (I don't know what it is called) and now I got it ^o^ and I'm sooo happy ^__^
And Because I'm sooo happy about them, I've been wearing them a lot ^.^ (well two out of three days x3)
I want to try and make a match with my boots, but I don't know how, so if you have ANY idea comment me ^p^

But know I want to get back to my hair, I'm going to a form of 'Galla' in my church to day, so I want to look pretty, and just been in the shower at my dad's place x3 so

C Ya (ja-nee)
- XoXo

(wow - I have a looot of japanese words in my main when I'm writing english x3)

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