tirsdag den 26. april 2011


This is like forever since I last posted >.< and it’s not because nothing happen in my life, because a lot DID happen O.o
Well first and foremost I moved... well Again o.o I’ve only been like six month in my old place but I needed to move, so know I’m with another family, but none kinds I’m watching after x3

Well, if I have to describe shortly what has happen these last weeks...

  I still go to school in Roskilde, and it is super (but I know live an hour away but I like going with train so it’s not that bad x3). I had borrowed an apartment which was just beside the school, with had a nice big mirror (so pictures of me on Sunday is on its way, which was the only day I actually took pictures of myself x3)

When I had finished the week in the apartment, I took one week at my dad’s place.
SUPER nice with a weather which is just became more and more beautiful ^.^
I spent a lot of time away in my father's garden, and got four roses which had to be planted, but first I had to clear the weeds, and also got some other plans which I think is tomatoes (I think I will update regularly) who came in a second pot and into the greenhouse, and because I cannot come and water the plants every day I write to my father to remind him of it x3 

Some pictures of his garden (not my flowers, I'll take some of them next time I'm at my dad's place^.^)

 I also got my hair dyed. It looks a bit funny because this is while it's still not washed out, and yes I know I have a lot of colour on my face - but I haven't shower ...
I also got a hair cut, but you can se that longer down ^.^

 This is my lovely cousins... He is SOOO adorable and lovely, and yes he IS half african.. His mom is from africa, and I just love him... He was running around in my dad's garden and shouting 'Onkel' (that's my dad) and 'Mi-Mia' that's me x3 it was fun and cute ^.^

('Forglem mig ej' - it's 'Never forget me' I love these flowers, and that's also because they are a part of my tatoo ^^)
Today I've also been to school, and afterwards I had a appointment with Angel, so I had to take the bus home to her (yes I am REALLY slow to take pictures >.< due to lack of charger for my camera and my mobile images
sucks>. <but will get better x3 and I’ll take picture with my phone anyway x3)
We agreed that we were grilling, so we therefore needed to go and buy the things we were in a need of, we were a bit busy because we needed to get down to those who had the grill lit so we could get some hot food x3
I also had grilled with my dad on Sundays so doubted by no means in my own abilities, but believe pictures speak better than my words x3

 Yes we had chips to our food x3 it was meant as an appititer but ended up on my plate a lot of times x3

 Yes I AM eading a peace of bread with chips on, and it was gooood x3

 Me as grill master x3 (grill lady x3)
 Angel wanted to try also, and I ended up getting burn x3

Well I'll be back soon again (I promise) but I have to do some homework x3

C Ya
- XoXo

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