lørdag den 30. april 2011

Yay for a new day ^^

Okay today I had really been planning to just relax and enjoy life at such a nice Saturday, but since I arrived at my girlfriend Angelina yesterday and since I chose to stay here then there was like some things I had to go through.
Angelina had planned to sew a summer dress (actually two plus something resembling gala) And I've gone and toyed with the idea to also sew a summer dress so that was out and buy fabric and pattern yesterday.
Today I got so drawn, cut, designed a little more, folded and cut, so now my dress actually ready for a walk through the sewing machine as I could get done next weekend at home with my mom ^ ^

(The substance is a bit more dark)
Because we wanted to go home to Angelina's grandparents and sew dress I thought that I probably had better be good, so I borrowed a SUPER delicious dress of my friend, and I felt really party ready, since I also had my super cool silver shoes and pink nail varnish ^ ^ Can the world be better?

- Nooo x3
When but now I will eat the remains of the pancakes as Angel did a few days ago, otherwise she will throw them out x3

  C Ya


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